6 Steps to get a rental apartment in Copenhagen


Yes, we know as good as you that  this is one of the most difficult things to do,  when you move to Copenhagen: to find a rental apartment.

But this is difficult not only for you, it is difficult for the danish citizens as well, and so for the people that arrived in Copenhagen many years ago.  But don’t panic!  we are here to help you.

Which  are the 6 steps to get a rental apartment in Copenhagen? First of all I would like to show you the different ways you can use to get a rental apartment in Copenhagen:

  • The easiest way is to have a big danish network. But we can imagine this is not your case, right?
  • Another option is that you make a huge market research work, which takes a very long time. Perhaps you have this time, perhaps not.  And in case you have this time, then you need to be selected to visit the apartments, and this is also difficult to achieve if they don’t know who you are.
  • There are other options, as the big re-locators that usually help expats that move to Copenhagen with all the things that are needed to do at the beginning, like to find a rental apartment. In this case you can expect to get an apartment by paying a fee of around 6000 Dkk – 11000 Dkk (Sometimes even more). They usually offer a maximum of showings in the first week (around 5) and do not assure the success.

Of course it is not possible, (never!) to assure success, since there are a lot of variables playing together.

  • The last, and easiest option  to get an apartment is the one we offer you  (of course, we were not going to say otherwise😂)  Yes, we help you to find an apartment. Why? Because when we moved from Spain to Copenhagen in 2014, it was neither easy for us to settle in, then I decided to create «Bienvenido a Copenhague» (Welcome to Copenhagen) for all those Spanish families like us that needed help at the beginning.  And now, after 3 years managing the company, and learning a lot about the rental market in CPH, we have achieved a lot of knowledge and partnership with more than 50 companies in permanent contact.  I can say that we do it very well  and many people think the same, as you can see in our Facebook Page.  (I hope that Google translate can help you to understand it). Then, this is the reason why our website is in Spanish. And, if you can speak English, Spanish or Danish, of course we can help you, regardless of the country you come from.

We have already helped more than 200 families, from Spain, Argentina, Chile, Poland, Denmark, UK, Portugal, Brasil, Dominican Republic, Morocco…and many more.

This is cheap, because we didn’t want to be a re-locator, oriented to big companies, but to particulars. It costs 1340 dkk to start the service and 1340 more, if we can finally find your home. That’s all. Nothing else.

It lasts 20 days, and these days the contact with us will be very frequent, especially the first days. We will arrange viewings for you, in the apartments that suit you. We need you to be approachable, or else we can lose good options.

But this is not all,  the moment you have decided to reserve an apartment, if you don’t speak nor read Danish, we will explain to you the contract, and the most important points you can find in it, and you will be ready to understand how the rental market works in Denmark. It costs nothing else.

And added to it,  we will explain to you, if you need it, how to change your CPR address on time, and how to change the electricity ownership after moving.  And it costs nothing else.

If you want to know, what are the 6 Steps to get a rental apartment in Copenhagen, please, continue reading.


My new home in Denmark


The 6 Steps to get a rental apartment in Copenhagen, are always the same:

  1. Search in the website (trying to avoid Facebook or DBA.dk, since a lot of SCAM can be found here)
  2. Attend to viewings (if you want to have options to get the apartment, a showing is almost always mandatory)
  3. Make a reservation (They send you a draft of the contract and a due date to make the first payment, that includes the deposit, 1st rent and sometimes a prepaid amount). Remember to check the contract that HAS TO BE IN DANISH. And understand specially the point number 11, with the special requirements of the apartment.
  4. Send the contract signed, before the due date.
  5. When they have received the money, they will send the contract signed to you and will arrange a date for the keys delivery.
  6. The apartment is yours. But remember to do a good inspection in the first 14 days, so you can minimize future problems, when you move out.


And now you have read this, please, fell free to contact us and ask for all the information you need. Please write ans email to: info@bienvenidoacopenhague.com

Or else, send your inquiry by this contact form. 

We have illusion to help you


Montaña Hernández.

Owner – Bienvenido a Copenhague.