Getting Married in Denmark

Whether you’re a person who lives in your home country, or somebody who is currently living in a country that is not your own and you’re hoping to marry your partner, you may or may not realize that getting married in Denmark is one of the simplest ways a couple can get married in the world. This includes foreign nationals who are currently residing in Denmark.

Getting Married in Denmark

This is because the Danish authorities have made the firm decision that no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, or where you live, should have any kind of negative impact on your choice or right to be able to marry the person you love.

As long as you are both legally allowed to marry each other (ie you’re not closely related or already currently legally married) then getting married in Denmark is THE choice for you.

Denmark is a melting pot for international couples because it’s easy, straightforward, hassle free and most importantly welcoming.


What is the marriage process for International Citizens residing in Denmark


There are a lot of International citizens who currently live in Denmark and a lot of these citizens at some point decide they would like to get married to the person they love. But what is the process of getting married in Denmark and where do you start?

Well, you have a couple of options! You can choose to go it alone and contact the Danish Familieretshuset directly yourselves.

Getting Married in Denmark

But this can and does occasionally come with issues of its own. Trying to tackle the process on your own, being a foreign national trying to get married in a country that is not your home country can be daunting.


What is the marriage process for International Citizens residing in Denmark

Delays can arise for reasons that aren’t obvious or technical issues can get in the way of a smooth process.

Or maybe your case is complex and working out what is required is too complicated.

This is when couples decide to use a wedding agency like  Getting Married in Denmark.

They specialize in assessing every couple’s particular and specific circumstances and requirements – because EVERY case is different. They  therefore ensure that the correct documentation is gathered to the exact specifications required by the Familierethuset (the Agency of Family Law).  You can see here a list of documents that are required in order to get married in Denmark.

Then moving beyond this initial assessment and assistance with your documentation, they will then also process your wedding application for you if you need us to, liaise with the Familierethuset on your behalf where required and lastly help you confirm a date for your wedding at the town hall of your choice.

They can also help you decide on the right location, whether you want a town hall wedding or a more bespoke location for your ceremony, meaning that your wedding day will be EXACTLY what you want it to be.

This kind of service takes all the bureaucracy and stress away from you, meaning that all you have to do is plan the, let’s face it, fun and exciting parts about your wedding in Denmark.

Your wedding is one of the most important and happiest days of your life and is something that you should be able to enjoy the entire process of, remembering it as a happy joyful occasion, from the moment you first decide to get married.

We have meet them and we can say that they are proud to be part of the process of making Denmark the easiest country for foreign couples to get married, and this is a responsibility they carry with honor.


So, no matter who you are or where you live, if you’re hoping to get your wedding date in Denmark booked in a simple and straightforward manner, so you can focus on actually getting married and all the wonderful things that involves, then, a company as Getting Married in Denmark is definitely a great choice for you!





And if you finally come to live in Copenhagen or you already live here, remember that we are here to help you with the following questions:
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  • How to get the CPR for EU citizens
  • Denmark Income Tax Return
  • Accounting for small companies
  • Self-employment registration in Denmark (Freelances)
Do not hesitate to ask us, if we can help you with something, or if you have any questions. You can send us an inquiry HERE.
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