If you have a home or room for rent, we help you find a tenant. Without any cost.

I rent my home in Denmark

There are many of you who have a home whose contract allows you to sublet when you go on vacation, and sometimes it is not easy to find a tenant that meets your needs, times, prices…

Have you thought «I rent my home in Denmark», but you don’t know how to move other than paid ads, Facebook or WhatsApp groups?

Whether you want to rent your home for a short period, for a longer period, or unlimited, we have created this form to be able to count on your home, in the event that one of our clients or clients can fit in with it.

It will not involve any cost to you, since we are collaborating together to get housing for our clients.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at the following email: info@bienvenidoacopenhague.com


How does it work?

You only have to fill in the following form:

At Bienvenido a Copenhague, we have approximately 100 clients a year who we help to find a home in Denmark, in the event that one of them matches the apartment or room you are offering, we will contact you, so please remember to indicate your email address or your phone number or Whatsapp in the form.

If our client is interested in your home, we arrange a viewing with you, or a video viewing in the event that it is possible for you and our client is not in Denmark yet.

After that, if you are interested and he or she is interested, we simply close the agreement and you can proceed to carry out the contract.

We advise our clients and help them understand the contract and sign and send the first payment on time.

After that, we will arrange the delivery of keys and that’s it!


Thanks to ESRA KORKMAZ for the picture  I rent my home in Denmark.


In this way you will have first-hand information about who the tenant is, what he/she does and why is he comming to live in Denmark, and for our part, we will know and compare the houses to eliminate any possibility of Scam, which unfortunately is so frequent in homes advertised on platforms such as Facebook or DBA.dk.

If you need us to help you with the rental contract, do not hesitate to tell us and we can advise you.



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